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Linens and Skirting in the Tri-County Area

Including Columbiana, Mahoning, & Trumbull Counties, & Surrounding Areas

Classic Tent & Party Rental Provides Stylish Linens and Fabrics

Are you looking for linens and skirting in the tri-county area? If so, Classic Tent & Party Rental in Boardman, Ohio, serves Columbiana, Mahoning, and Trumbull counties and surrounding areas. We offer the best selection of table fabrics for your upcoming event. Dining furniture is a prominent feature of any celebration. Using stylish fabrics can turn tables and chairs from perfunctory to impeccable.

Table linens are perfect for highlighting important event work surfaces from buffets to trade shows. We have a wide selection of fabrics and styles available to suit many occasions. Give us a call at (330) 726-8446 or contact us online. Please feel free to check out our photo gallery to see how our products look on display.

Rent Tablecloths in Mahoning County, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas

Our crew takes great pride in turning your vision into a reality. We know that every event is unique, and we believe our table fabrics can bring yours to life. Classic Tent & Party Rental can work with you to make the look of your event distinctly you. Residents of Mahoning County, Ohio, and surrounding areas trust us for all their tablecloth needs. Check with us regularly as we add new styles to our supply.  We are excited to provide you with quality tablecloths for your upcoming celebration.

Tablecloths - 52 x 52 White Tablecloths$5
Tablecloths - 52 x 52 Color Tablecloths$5
Tablecloths - 54 x 54 White Tablecloths$6
Tablecloths - 54 x 54 Color Tablecloths$6
Tablecloths - 62 x 62 White Tablecloths$7
Tablecloths - 62 x 62 Color Tablecloths$7
Tablecloths - 72 x 72 White Tablecloths$8
Tablecloths - 72 x 72 Color Tablecloths$8
Tablecloths - 85 x 85 White Tablecloths$12
Tablecloths - 85 x 85 Color Tablecloths$12
Tablecloths - 114 x 114 White Tablecloths$20
Tablecloths - 114 x 114 Color Tablecloths$20
Tablecloths - 52 x 114 White Tablecloths$12
Tablecloths - 52 x 114 Color Tablecloths$12
Tablecloths - 60 x 120 White Tablecloths$12
Tablecloths - 60 x 120 Color Tablecloths$12
Tablecloths - 90 x 132 White Box Tablecloths$25
Tablecloths - 90 x 132 Color Box Tablecloths$25
Tablecloths - 90 x 156 White Box Tablecloths$25
Tablecloths - 90 x 156 Color Box Tablecloths$25
Tablecloths - 108 x 156 White Box Tablecloths$40
Tablecloths - 108 x 156 Color Box Tablecloths$40
Tablecloths - 90” Round White Tablecloths$12
Tablecloths - 90\ Round Color Tablecloths"$12
Tablecloths - 72” Round White Tablecloths$8
Tablecloths - 108” Round White Tablecloths$16
Tablecloths - 108” Round Color Tablecloths$16
Tablecloths - 120” Round White Tablecloths$20
Tablecloths - 120” Round Color Tablecloths$20
Tablecloths - 132” Round White Tablecloths$25
Tablecloths - 132” Round Color Tablecloths$25
Tablecloths - Serpentine Tablecloths$25
Tablecloths - Plastic White Tablecloths$5
Napkins - 20 x 20 White Napkins$0.75
Napkins - 20 x 20 Color Napkins$0.75
Napkins - 20 x 20 Majestic Napkins$1.25
Napkins - 20 x 20 Specialty Napkins$1
Skirting - 8' White Skirting$8
Skirting - 14' White Skirting$14
Skirting - 14' Black Skirting$14
Skirting - 14' Ivory Skirting$14
Skirting - 14' Red Skirting$14
Skirting - 14' Blue Skirting$14
Skirting - 14' White Exhibit Show Skirting$14
Skirting - 21' White Skirting$21
Skirting - 21' Black Skirting$21
Skirting - 21' Ivory Skirting$21

Highlight Important Events With Decorative Table Skirts

Table skirts can highlight important event features like displays, buffets, and more. Here at Classic Tent & Party Rental, skirting offer a classic elegant look on any shape table. Table skirts perfectly pair with a table cloth. The clips attach cleanly, offering a complete and uniform look. Liven up the tables at your upcoming celebration with table skirts from Classic Tent & Party Rental. Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect skirting to suit your needs.

Contact Classic Tent & Party Rental for Decorative Linens and Skirts

Our staff takes great pride in providing premium linens and skirts. We strive daily to offer superior service to our customers in the Mahoning County, Ohio, region, and beyond. The team at Classic Tent & Party Rental will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. If you are celebrating birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, festivals, retirement parties, or corporate events, give us a call. We take pride in providing the following:

Contact Classic Tent & Party Rental to rent quality linens and skirting.