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Rent Table Settings in the Tri-County Area

Serving Columbiana, Mahoning, & Trumbull Counties, & Surrounding Areas

Brighten Up Your Table With Our Decorations

Do you need to rent table settings in the tri-county area for parties and events ? If so, call the team at Classic Tent & Party Rental in Boardman, Ohio. We serve Columbiana, Mahoning, and Trumbull counties and the surrounding areas. Our experienced staff provides the necessary table settings for a successful special event. Every event needs special frills to make it unique, such as silverware, glassware, and chafing dishes.

The table settings we offer for rental are perfect for making events such as a wedding reception or company dinner. Talk with one of our staff members about how to make your event different and personal. Call us at (330) 726-8446 or contact us online, for more on chafing dishes, silverware, and glassware we have available. We also invite you to check our photo gallery.

Classic Tent & Party Rental: Chafing Dishes For Your Next Occasion

Feed your guests in style with Classic Tent & Party Rental’s chafing dishes. Chafers are part of an essential buffet or dinner to keep prepared foods warm through service. Most caterers provide chafing dishes. However, for events where the guests may bring food, chafing dish rental can be critical to a successful meal. If you need more items for your event, see our Miscellaneous Equipment page. Call us today to arrange chafing dish rentals for your next occasion.

China - 9 7/8” Dinner Plates$0.75
China - 9” Salad/Dessert Plates$0.75
China - 6 1/2” Bread/Butter Plates$0.75
China - Tea/Coffee Saucers$0.75
China - Tea/Coffee Cups$0.75
China - Bullion Cups$0.75
China - Soup/Salad Bowls$0.75
China Square - 10 3/4” Dinner Plates$1.25
China Square - 8” Salad/Dessert Plates$1.25
China Square - 7” Bread/Butter Plates$1.25
China Square - Tea/Coffee Saucers$1.25
China Square - Tea/Coffee Cups$1.25
China Square - Soup/Salad Bowls$1.25
Glass Plates - 10” Glass Dinner Plates$0.60
Glass Plates - 8” Glass Salad/Dessert Plates$0.60
Glass Plates - 6” Glass Bread/Butter Plates$0.60
Glassware - Beverage Glasses$0.60
Glassware - Rock Glasses$0.60
Glassware - Irish Coffee Mugs$0.60
Glassware - Water Goblets$0.60
Glassware - Red Wine Glasses$0.60
Glassware - White Wine Glasses$0.60
Glassware - Pilsner Glasses$0.95
Glassware - Martini Glasses$0.95
Glassware - High Ball Glasses$0.95
Glassware - Champagne Flutes Glasses$0.95
Glassware - Tulip Flutes Glasses$0.95
Glassware - Stemless Wine Glasses$0.95
Glassware - Tall Stemless Wine Glasses$0.95
Glassware - Tall Wine Glass$0.95
Glassware - Pink Water Goblets$2.25
Glassware - Salt & Pepper Shakers Set$0.95
Glassware - Oil & Vinegar Cruets Set$0.95
Glassware - Sugar Bowl w/Lid$0.80
Glassware - Sugar Crates$0.80
Glassware - Creamer Server$0.80
Flatware - Silver Dinner Forks$0.60
Flatware - Silver Dessert/ Salad Forks$0.60
Flatware - Silver Cocktail Forks$0.60
Flatware - Silver Table Spoons$0.60
Flatware - Silver Tea Spoons$0.60
Flatware - Silver Soup Spoons$0.60
Flatware - Silver Butter Knives$0.60
Flatware - Steak Knives$0.60
Flatware - Gold Dinner Forks$1.15
Flatware - Gold Dessert/ Salad Forks$1.15
Flatware - Gold Tea Spoons$1.15
Flatware - Gold Butter Knives$1.15
Serving Utensils - Serving Tongs$1.50
Serving Utensils - Serving Spoons$1.50
Serving Utensils - Serving Spoons w/Holes$1.50
Chafing Dishes - Single Chafing Dishes$17
Chafing Dishes - Double Chafing Dishes$19
Chafing Dishes - Round Roll Top Chafing Dishes$46
Chafing Dishes - 12 x 20 Single Chafing Dish Pans$3
Chafing Dishes - 12 x 10 Double Chafing Dish Pans$3
Chafing Dishes - Additional Sterno Cups$2
Cookie Tiers - 2 Tier Cookie Tier$15
Cookie Tiers - 3 Tier Cookie Tier$25
Cookie Tiers - 4 Tier Cookie Tier$35
Coffee Pots - 60 Cup Percolator$20
Coffee Pots - 100 Cup Percolator$25
Coffee Pots - Samovar$75
Coffee Pots - Stainless Steel Server$18

Rent Fabulous Silverware For Boardman, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas

Complete your look for your next occasion in Boardman, Ohio, and beyond with our various silverware sets. The right event silverware can add a great touch to your celebration. Our high-end tableware can make your event shine. Plus, we cover every course, from salad forks and dinner knives to teaspoons and dessert spoons. From rustic to contemporary, you will find the perfect silverware set for your next occasion. Set the right mood and complete your vision by choosing Classic Tent & Party Rental’s silverware.

Gorgeous Glassware Can Make Any Event Stand Out

Raise a glass that is sure to be more than full from our fantastic glassware selection. Our glassware will suit any event’s style and complement your silverware selection. We offer the largest selection of glassware rentals in the area. Elegant wine and martini glassware will add the right touch of class and sparkle to your corporate dinner. Serve some Irish coffee, punch, brandy, and more in the perfect glass at a family function or local festival. From concerts to country club soirees to conventions, quench thirsts in style with Classic Tent & Party Rental’s glassware and more.

We Proudly Serve Boardman, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas

Residents of Boardman, Ohio, and surrounding areas turn to us for convenient rental of their table setting needs. Whether you are hosting  birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, festivals, retirement parties, or corporate events, we can make them pop. When customers call us for table settings and more, we understand their trust in our team. As part of our quality customer service promise, we will go above and beyond to earn that trust. Classic Tent & Party Rental is proud to provide the following services to our clientele:

For parties and events, call Classic Tent & Party Rental to rent table settings.